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Sabrina Pagnetti

Couples Therapy & Counselling

Are you looking for professional support to navigate an important life change? Or would you like to get unbiased advice on your relationship issues? I’d like to invite you to join my Room for Impulse and enter into a dialogue aimed at finding the right solution for you.

Couples Therapy | Couples Counselling

Over the course of couples therapy, I help you find tailored solutions to resolve re-occurring relationship issues and create positive change. Therapy enables you to communicate freely in a safe space where you can express your needs, desires, thoughts, feelings and worries, and stand up for yourself. All you need to do is be willing to reflect on your own behaviour and recognise and leverage the potential of the relationship. The other equally important requirement is that both partners are open to listen to each other and willing to try to understand the other’s situation and his/her perception of it.

My job is to listen to both of you and be a sounding board. I dedicate equal amounts of unbiased attention to both partners.


Possible topics include:

  • Communication

  • Arguments and conflicts

  • Intimacy and sexuality

  • External relationships

  • Trauma

  • Parenting, blended families


Couples therapy or counselling is also an effective way to proactively cultivate a high-quality relationship, to fully experience a stable and established partnership and prepare yourself for the inevitable challenges ahead.


For couples who have decided to part ways, I offer counsel and guidance on the path to a considerate and respectful separation.


Your Investment:

CHF 265 / 90 minutes


Services available in German, English and French!

Couple to Couple | Co-Therapy

In collaboration with my husband Michael Jancer, a psychotherapist, I offer co-therapy for couples in Zurich and Lenzburg. Having both the male and female perspectives represented on the counseling team is a significant benefit and ensures that the couple receives well-balanced input based on two different viewpoints regarding their questions and challenges.


Your Investment:

CHF 350 / 90 minutes



Individual Counselling 

Individual therapy can be beneficial in a variety of situations. For instance, if you are looking to make a change in your life or don’t know how to cope with a specific challenge or conflict, or when you struggle with other areas of your life. It’s also a good option if you are looking to resolve deep personal issues and difficult relationships. The solution to these problems usually already exists within the struggling person. In our individual therapy sessions, I guide and encourage you access these dormant internal resources to uncover the solution and broaden your coping skills. This expansion will enable you to harness the possibilities you have to enact meaningful changes and choose how to move forward.

Possible topics include:

  • Managing change and decision making

  • Relationship issues

  • Resolution of conflicts and mental blocks

  • Personal development and growth

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Resiliency and stress management

Your Investment:

CHF 185 / 60 minutes



Sabrina-Pagnetti-Einzelcoaching-1 _bearbeitet.jpg

I see myself as a companion, sounding board and impulse generator. I support couples and individuals on their way to achieving objectives that they’ve set themselves, and in doing so, I always keep in mind their resources and possibilities. In joining efforts, I help them broaden the perceptions of what’s possible, resolve repetitive behavioral patterns and overcome obstacles that prevent healthy developments. My work is grounded in a proven systemic approach that takes into account the context of each person’s individual situation and surroundings. In addition to my sound technical expertise, I rely on my solid practical experience with different therapy and communication methods, such as Emotion-Focused Therapy and Resource Therapy.


EFT – Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy
Relationships between couples are all about connection: Both partners are looking for a safe emotional connection in the relationship. A disturbance or rupture of this connection is often the cause for conflict. Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) works towards repairing the broken connection between the partners.


One of the modalities we focus on in our individual counselling is Resource Therapy. This approach is based on Ego State Therapy, and both assume that the human personality is composed of several individual parts. These parts are viewed as resources that can contain the potential to help resolve internal and external conflicts. Integrating resources into the therapeutic process can help discover flexible solutions to process difficult decisions and overcome self-doubt. It can also help dissolve mental blocks and diffuse other personal crises.

The first session is an introduction where we get to know each other and define the common goals and resources, as well as the specific issues to focus on. The frequency of the sessions and duration of therapy varies widely from couple to couple and from client to client. I adapt to the pace of my clients and support them for as long as is needed and desired. For some, a few sessions are enough; for others, the process will take several months.

Abdrücke auf Sand
About Me

My passion is to help people who are motivated to create positive changes in their lives and relationships. Based on a notion of genuine appreciation and empathy, I build trust with my clients and provide a safe space where people can open up.

I learned to connect with people early on in my life. As a child of immigrants, I mastered not just communicating in different languages, but also being adept at mediating between different cultures and mentalities. These personal experiences led me to spend several years living abroad in England, France and South Africa and also formed my professional career path.

Following studies in linguistics and communications, I worked in the field of public relations and corporate communications for 20 years in various industries, serving in different roles. I continued my education with courses and certifications in coaching, psychology, systemic couples therapy, emotion-focused therapy and resource therapy. Today, I am a counselor and therapist supporting individuals and couples in their personal development and in career changes.

Outside of work, I love being active. I regularly practice Pilates, enjoy dancing and spending time in nature, be it hiking in the mountains or relaxing on the shores of a beautiful lake.

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Sabrina Pagnetti 

Raum für Impulse

c/o Psychotherapie Praxis zur Kerze

Rüdenplatz 2

8001 Zürich

+41 (0)79 260 55 69


Praxis Wilob, Lenzburg

EFT - Couple Therapy

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